Hash Rush

What features can be found in the alpha, and what features are planned for the future?


During the alpha phase of Hash Rush we will be gradually adding more content to the game as we strive to reach our full vision for Hash Rush. The following is a list of features that are in the game and what is being worked on for future updates.

In the game

First race 
The Ernacks along with all of their buildings and units.

Full resource system

  • Food
  • Wooden Logs, Wooden Planks
  • Rough Stone, Stone Blocks
  • Ore, Metal Ingot
  • Crystals
  • Fireflies

Bounty Challenges.
Players can join a challenge and compete on who can mine the most crystals from the game. Ultimately, this competition is how players will earn Ethereum.

In-game event system.
This was trialled during Halloween and refined for Latvia100

All skins are saved on a separate database, will become ERC721 tokens with the launch of the beta

Dungeon system.
The first dungeon is a part of the game and a part of the quest line. However, this serves as a proof of concept for now.

Resource Exchange
Players can exchange basic resource for alternatives at a rate of 3:1 (e.g. wood for stone)

Combat System
A fully featured combat system is in the game. There are currently three damage types and corresponding resistances: Piercing, Slashing and Blunt.

Of the three damage types, Piercing has the highest chance to inflict critical hits.

More information on the combat system can be found here.

Food and Hunger system
All units need to eat, and so the player needs to maintain food production. If units are not fed, they will become hungry and various penalties will be applied to their movement, production and combat strengths.

Light and Fear system
The planet is covered in a fog that we call the Crystal Scourge. When a unit (any) is sent into the fog, they will gradually gain fear points (0-100). Once the unit reaches 100 fear points, they enter a new state that is called 'scared'. When a unit is scared, they will stop whatever they are doing and run back to the nearest light source.

In order to make the exploration possible, players need to gather fireflies and construct Light Poles. These can be built anywhere that is visible to the player (not in fog) and will permanently lift the fog from within its radius.


To be added

Responsive Planet
Each planet will have a limited supply of crystals and it is the goal of the player to extract as many crystals as possible. As the player gathers crystals, the planet is going to respond by launching attacks against the player. These attacks will become stronger as the player progresses and ultimately the final attack will be the Crystal Titan (the boss unit).

Additional Planets
As the planet will have a limited amount of crystals, players will have to move to new planets once they complete them. We aim to have different types of planets with different environments, offering different gameplay.

Completion Bonus
As the attacks from the Responsive Planet feature ramps up, we plan to have a special bonus that is applied to your next planet depending on the % of crystals that you manage to extract from your existing planet.

We estimate that the buff will begin to be awarded from roughly 60% crystal extraction (figure subject to change) and get progressively better until you complete the entire planet (100% crystal extraction)

Additional Races
We have already planned for two more races, the Marauders (a human race) and the Highborn of Eldaria (an elven race). 










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