Hash Rush

Can I earn cryptocurrency from the alpha?


No. While the game is in the alpha stage, we will have to reset progress multiple times, and so items will come and go (this is excepted behaviour as we iron out bugs).

The blockchain additions and cryptocurrency rewards will only be part of the game when the RUSH Network is activated, which will happen only once we are in the beta stage of the game.


The (slight) exception to this are items that are won from our special events.

Players are able to earn skins from our special in-game events (Halloween, Latvia 100 and more in the future). During the alpha stage, these skins will remain regular game assets, however, will be stored on a separate database. This means that anytime the player's game is reset, their skins will be saved.

Once the game reaches the beta stage, and the RUSH Network is activated, these items will be tokenized and will become ERC721 tokens.

You can check out a collection of our skins over at our IndieDB page.


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