Hash Rush

What is an alpha phase?


In gaming, an alpha is a very early version of the game and may not contain all of the features that are planned for the final version.

Typically, a game will go through two stages of testing before it is considered finished.

The first stage called the alpha stagethis is the stage that Hash Rush is in now. During this stage, it is common for the game to be missing core features and have high profile bugs. While the alpha phase persists, it is normal for accounts to be reset and/or deleted as core components of the game are being worked on. For this reason, the alpha stage is typically not open to the public.

However, we have decided to open our alpha to everyone, so that people can test the game and help us pin-down the major issues.

The second stage is typically called betaDuring this stage, the game is typically feature complete (one or two features may be missing) but bugs will continue to be present. The main purpose is of this stage is to test the entire game and fix all remaining bugs before the game is released.

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